Theatre Laboratory for the Institute of Applied Dramatics


Location: Gießen
Client: Land Hessen
Typology: Cultural building / Public building
Period of time: 2013
Procurement: Competition
Project partner: Scheffler + Partner Architekten BDA 


The entry for the invited competition for a new Theatre Laboratory for the Institute of Applied Dramatics at the Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen utilizes the concept of an evolutionary platform to derive the design. This evolutionary platform gives the new laboratory its identity and connects it with the surrounding urban fabric. It also embodies the increasingly ambivalent character of contemporary drama: its spatial articulation enables open ended configurations of stages, spatial acoustics, video projections and installations that can evolve with the laboratory’s work. It motivates to transgress traditional boundaries between interior and exteriors, stage and spectator space.  The resulting building generates a flexible, spatial structure for experimental drama and for new dialogues between art and sciences, between academy and the public.